tricia sedlacek, minnesota parent coach - helping parents with issues like attachment, tantrums, anxiety and behavior problems and providing education consulting and presentations and classes in the twin cities
My goal with In Tune Connections is to equip and encourage families, caregivers and educators to focus in on intentional interactions and connections with their children, leading to relationship patterns that we are proud to further into the next generation.

Tricia Sedlacek, (MSW, LICSW), serves as a parent coach, educator and clinical social worker in the Twin Cities metro area. She started In Tune Connections because she is passionate about nurturing strong and healthy families and children. She aims to provide support to parents, caregivers and educators, while equipping adults to be attuned to the development and needs of the children in their homes and under their care. She believes that creating strong, purposeful connections between children and their adults helps develop positive and desired relationship patterns.  

Tricia is a licensed independent clinical social worker and holds both a Bachelor’s and Master's degree in Social Work.  Her career began as a medical social worker in a metro-area hospital system, working in medical and rehabilitation units as well as maternity care centers and emergency departments.  She has also worked as a therapist in a mental health and addiction clinic, and as an adjunct professor at two local colleges teaching in both Education and Social Work departments.  

Tricia has spent more than 15 years as a social worker in an urban MN school district, serving families and children with special learning and behavioral needs.  In this capacity, Tricia has enjoyed working with families and educators to eliminate barriers to academic and social/emotional success. Her experience has also included co-facilitating Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE) , as well as leading groups for parents of children with special education needs. 

Tricia works with parents, businesses, places of worship, child care settings and schools to expand their approaches to interacting and building strong connections with children. She also speaks to groups on a variety of parenting, educational and clinical topics. 

Tricia currently lives in the Twin Cities area with her husband and her four very busy children, who have provided her with some of her most important and amusing family and parenting experiences.