Being in charge of a classroom of young children is complicated. Your attention is always required and there is never enough of you to go around! Meeting everyone's needs while fulfilling the daily requirements of a preschool or child development center can be overwhelming. Add to this mix: children in a variety of developmental stages, behavioral concerns, a variety of learning needs and accommodations, and to top it off, it's raining outside! 

The fact is that in the world of early childhood learning there is not always enough time in the day to strategize for interventions and set them up for implementation. That is why I will come observe your classroom, meet with your staff, and provide you with a written summary of strategies and tools to use for addressing difficult behaviors, making environmental adjustments and modifying routines and classroom activities. Classroom visuals are also provided to assist with specific students, situations or routines.

Additional consulting sessions

For staff who would like me to walk through the suggested tools and strategies with them, either within the classroom or by separate consultation, extra sessions can also be purchased individually or in groups of three or eight.

Consulting rates

See pricing information and my travel policy for early childhood education consulting sessions.

Please note: I am unable to provide Early Childhood Education Consulting services within the city of St Paul due to contractual obligations.

Request a consulting session

Please submit the Education Consulting form for early childhood consulting services.