If our car isn’t working well…. we turn to an auto mechanic for help.
If our toilet isn’t working well…. we turn to a plumber for help.
If our body isn’t working well…. we turn to a physician for help.
If our family isn’t working well…. we...?

What do we do?

Too often when our families aren’t functioning optimally, instead of reaching out for help, we simply repeat what we've been doing and get stuck deeper in unhelpful patterns. This happens because the majority of our parenting know-how comes from how we were parented - so when we get stuck, stressed or confused, we typically revert back to what we learned early in life. For better or for worse, this is the parenting method we know best, and it's automatically our first instinct. In order to make positive changes, we need to be intentional, thoughtful and tuned in to the interactions within our family. This is how we develop new norms and patterns, and it's how coaching helps families.

Our families - just like anything that has multiple moving parts - can quit working well from time to time. Parts get tired, get rusty, need attention, etc. So why don’t we seek parenting guidance more often?  Many of us get embarrassed about uncertainty in parenting or feel like we can’t voice our need for new ideas. We are supposed to be good at this, right? 

Parent coaching is designed to identify and address specific issues and patterns within your family. Together we'll examine the patterns within the parent-child dynamic and identify the needs that are driving challenging behaviors and interactions. You will receive supporting tools and strategies to try right away during the first full session. After each session, you will receive a follow-up email with a summary of what was discussed and what strategies were recommended. 

Coaching is always individualized and tailored to the specific needs of your family. 

Learn how parent coaching is different from therapywhether parent coaching is right for you, and what to expect from a coaching session.

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