Presentations, classes and facilitated group discussions are available on a range of subjects for schools, businesses, childcare settings, places of worship and more. 

Porch sessions are smaller gatherings (twelve or fewer participants) available for groups of parents who want to receive guidance about specific parenting topics, or need to develop particular strategies around an identified issue. These meetings are 90 minutes in length and can be held either casually in living rooms or around the kitchen table or at a public meeting place. Participants can select a class/training topic from the existing list or request that a class be designed around the needs of the group. 

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Alternatives to TIME OUTS and other discipline strategies
  • Behavior in children with special needs
  • Behavior tips, tricks and tools
  • Bully-proofing young kids
  • Big opinions! What to do with my strong-willed and disagreeable child
  • Childhood anxiety and stress: Strategies for parents and children
  • Childhood trauma:  How it affects development, relationships and achievement
  • Friendships - Developing early healthy relational patterns
  • “Flow” of family - Improving family functioning
  • How does childhood trauma affect staff? What to do about secondary trauma stress and vicarious trauma in educators and caregivers
  • How and why to add self regulation routines into the classroom 
  • SIGNS: How to use visual supports to assist in your home or classroom
  • Getting out the door, and other transitions
  • Parent self-care (What’s that?)
  • What do my OWN parents have to do with it? How and why a parent's childhood matters to the next generation
  • Self-regulation - Practical ideas on how adults can help
  • Taming tantrums
  • Two roads diverged: What to do when my partner and I parent differently

Topics can also be customized to the specific needs of an audience.

*Please note: Recording presentations and training sessions is prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation!

Availability and Pricing

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